Forum’s Student Lighting Solution

Cheap, reliable and efficient are words that are normally music to the ears of student but it’s not just them who are becoming attracted to this unconventional motto. The days of landlords tirelessly having to change incandescent or fluorescent bulbs are over with the onset of LED’s.  With some LED’s lasting 50x longer than traditional incandescent and 25x longer than Halogen bulbs it has become a no-brainer option for Landlords and Student hall providers.

So having now established why LED’s warrant their own merit, it’s time to consider why Forum’s range of LED battens and Led Slim line Bulkheads are perfect for student accommodation.

Increasing student populations are being challenged with the increasing demand for a more superior ‘living environment expectation’, namely Gym’s, communal areas and parking. The Battens and Slimline Bulkheads offer an easy installation with cost effectiveness with a touch of sophisticated minimalism.

Beer Pong, parties and traditional student antics is certainly a regular occurrence in student accommodation in which broken doors, scratched walls and damaged light fittings are only some of the damages landlords are can expect to come across daily.   Logic would dictate that Fittings would:

  • Have to be slim line (out of reach of flying chairs and what not!)
  • A rating of at least IP20 or IP44 for (who knows where vodbulls get at pre-drinks!)
  • A 3 year guarantee.

It is that what is simply offered by purchasing the LED BATTENS and SLIMLINE LED FITTINGS.

Lastly, Hangovers and sleep-deprived work benders means lights will certainly never be switched off. Inbuilt Microwave sensors and attachable PIR sensors are the modern quintessential necessity to combat students disregard for energy efficiency.

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Q & A with Lawrence Benjamin, Commercial Director at Forum Lighting Solutions

  • Tell us Briefly about the History of Forum Lighting Solutions

Forum, a member of the Cascade Holding group has 60+ years of experience in the lighting industry. From its inception self-manufacturing and ‘bending metal’ to being the leading innovators of today, Forum has adopted the mastery of design, concept and manufacture through to delivery. Based in Manchester, we distribute our products to the UK and Ireland.

  • What Separates Forum from its competitors?

Forum and Cascade Holdings control the production of lighting from concept, through design and final manufacture to ensure we deliver the highest quality of goods to our customers. Further, becoming the UK distributor of the globally recognised brand of Stanley® is certainly unique in the UK market. This relationship and shared values of, ‘quality, reliability, innovation and value’ has contributed to Forum’s augmentation and uniqueness among our competitors.

  • What have been the most successful products this year to date?

Our most successful product this year has been the Coast range. Living on an Island – it of course has its challenges of manufacturing lighting that can withstand coastal air.  It was obvious from customer feedback that there was a gap in the current lighting industry to accommodate affordable and quality products specifically catered for coastal areas.  Our range of anti-corrosion products constructed of Polycarbonate material  incorporate marine-grade stainless steel 316 screws with an IP rating of at least IP44 undoubtedly endure the harsh coastal conditions. It is for this reason that our customer-driven range has become the most successful.

  • What are your plans for the rest of 2017 moving into 2018?

We hope to continue our relationship with existing customers and of course develop new ones. In the short future we plan to introduce smart lighting to our range with Bluetooth and Wireless capabilities and improve existing products with integral LED’s.

Customer Feedback

Please use this section to report any feedback you may have, simply click ‘leave a comment’ and let us know what’s on your mind!

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